The Importance Of Color In Logo Design

Posted on 14, Jul, 2017 |
The Importance Of Color In Logo Design

Color is an element which cannot be ignored by the designers at any stage of logo designing. Different colors have different meanings in various situations. The trick is that to use right color at right place.

Significance of Color:

The color plays a significant role. Whether you are designing any logo for a company, or branding some campaign or advertising product what so ever you are doing. In logo designing colors evoke our emotions and they are attached to our sub-conscious state of mind.

For example we know that the meaning of red light is to stop and we are conditioned to stop. Similarly, pink color clothes are associated to girls and blue to boys. These are the colors which human mind automatically responds in this way.

Keeping this factor in mind we have to choose the designer of our logo design who has the sense of colors. He should be aware of color emotions and their meanings. You cannot use your favorite colors everywhere.

Categories of Colors:

Colors are divided into two major categories. One is the cool colors while other is warm colors.

Warm colors:

Warm colors include red, orange and yellow. These colors have usually the meaning of some energy, enthusiasm, passion and some excitement also. In most of the cases red color is being used for some danger and alert sign too.

Cool colors:

Let’s talk about now some cool colors and they are usually all the natural colors which we can see in nature. Green, blue and purple shades fall in cool color category. When you are designing a logo make sure you have sufficient knowledge about color terminology.

Logo designer can mix the different colors to make a new color for the logo. Now days as the technology is so advance all this is done by using various software.



You have to see the clients’ requirement before making a final selection of any color for your logo design. If the client is local then its better to use those colors which are associated with their cultures and traditions. At least you should get history of color meanings in their culture. If you are working for any global client then do remember every culture has different color to express their emotions. For example in China red color is considered as lucky. In Christianity weddings white gowns represent the purity but on the other hand in India white color is for mourning or death.

Reasons to use color in logo:

Now here are the few reasons that why you use color in your logo designs. This is to help the designers when they are making color selection so keep these reasons in mind.

  • You should use color to enhance the meaning of your logo
  • Use color to make your object obvious or recognition of object
  • Use color to make structures in logo design (for example, you are designing any book logo so use different colors for chapters to convey structure of your logo)
  • Use color in a manner to establish identity
  • Use color to express the moods of the design

So, designer can use colors in various ways and he can make more colors by using color palettes.