11 Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

Posted on 01, Jun, 2017 |
11 Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

This is one of the most interesting topics for me to write. As I believe that nobody in this world is perfect.  Every being human commits mistakes on daily basis in various fields. Graphic designing is also a field where a logo designer or designer does commit mistakes. They learn from them rather then not to accept and keep on excusing and continue mistakes.

Let’s talk about the most common mistakes made by designers.

1 – Not Recognizing or Understanding The Brief

It’s really very important to understand the brief or the concise part what is required by the client. If you will not get clear picture what exactly client is looking for and you keep on doing your work so you end up in making things complicated for you.

You need to keep in touch with your client time to time so to head in right direction throughout your project.

2 – Wrong typography

You have chosen the wrong fonts which are not appropriate with your design. You will be having a disaster at the end of your work. There are so many places to download the free fonts but you just needs to keep the rights, terms and legalities in mind.

If you are a professional designer then pay some amount and get paid fonts and focus on amateurs and chose right typography too.

3 – Too Many Different Fonts Usage

The best usage of fonts in any project is maximum two fonts. One is for the logo and one for the body. Don’t use so many fonts in one thing and leave your client in trouble. Your work should look professional and be consistent to the fonts and don’t mix or jumbled up your fonts.

4 – Overused Stock Images

Try to avoid the over usage of stock images. It’s understandable that hiring a photographer can be expensive. It doesn’t mean to mess up your work with stock images. Your project may look nice but using of the stock images that people have already seen can take off the originality of your work from you. So be careful!

5 – Proofreading

If you fail to proofread then it will be a major issue. Spellchecker can help you in making correct mistakes but grammar and the composition have to be done by you. It is recommended that after completing your work must proofread before getting it to publish. If the grammar is not proper then you need to redone your work.

6 – Take Feedback from other Designers

Taking a second opinion about your work will not hurt it at any cost. In fact it will help you to correct the mistakes which are not pin point by you. Asking other brand designers and logo designers will be beneficial for your work and so many adjustments can be done this way.

7 – Not Considering Context

In this step you have to make sure that whether you are making any logo design or icon or any other element of design.  It should be transferable across all mediums i.e. digital and analogue. Make this sure that the colors, sizes and all other things are easy printable on T-shirts if client want.  It should be easily available on various technology platforms like desktops, cell phones and computers.

8 – Plagiarism

Taking someone else idea or copying the design of other logo designer is a crime. Originality is the success to your brand business. If you think that copying someone projects and you will escape. So my dear you are wrong! It can lead you in cancellation of your project.

9 – Disregard or Overlook the Audience

All logo design work is targeted to the client’s audience. In most cases it is observed that designer overlook the audience. You have to produce a logo design which will be targeted to the right audience.

10 – Avoiding Contact with Clients

Most of the designers believe that they should avoid in contacting the clients as they will interrupt their work. This is the wrong believe. You have to be in touch with your client throughout the work. This will make your work more appropriate. It will make chances of failure less.

11 – Failure to use Contracts          

Lastly another rookie mistake by most of the designers they not sign any contracts. In this scenario clients get a chance to escape or get rid off without paying. Make sure before starting a project everything should be in white and black. No chances of running then.