6 Fonts You Should Not Use For Your Logo Design

Posted on 16, Jun, 2017 |
6 Fonts You Should Not Use For Your Logo Design

What do you think about fonts? Choosing a font means you are telling about your business?

Today’s world of info graphic has a meaning behind each and every font. The colors have a psychology which you use for logo designing. By using some fonts wrongly you may destroy your brand’s identity.

There is nothing wrong with any font itself. It’s over usage in logo designing and in its body make it worst. Here I’m discussing some iconic fonts which you being a designer must avoid them. Try to minimize their usage in your logo design. I will give you good reason to stop using them.

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1 – Impact

This is one of the most using fonts by designers in headers. It has so many positive aspects too, like it’s easy to read. It’s clear and simple. It gets attention of reader easily.

Apart from its positives, the reason not to use impact is that it’s too thin. It’s unskillful and incompetent to stand out.

Impact is mostly use for office documentation or for mailing purposes. It has no professional logo design look.

2 – TheSans Basic

TheSans are perfect font style considered by many logo designers. The space between letters is fine and good clarity of alphabets too. The only problem with that font is with the letter “Q”. The style of letter “Q” is not designed rightly. It makes confusion in reading and a bit silly look given to that letter here. Otherwise typeface is just fantastic and creative too.

3 – Comic Sans

Comic Sans are ideal to use for child products or kids party invitation cards.

I have seen many companies using this comic sans font for “Do Not Enter” sign. I think its purpose is not for any announcements as it not gives the impression of an order. You should not use this font in any product announcements, any funeral invitation or for the termination notices.

The overuse of font makes it bad and takes the class of that brand away. So be careful in choosing the right font for right purpose.

5 – Helvetica

Many of you may be disagree with me that why I put Helvetica in this list? The reason is that it’s better to use this font in ordinary body content rather than using in logo design.

No doubt that many big companies such as Apple and BMW used Helvetica for their logos. The only reason using that is its clear and visible sans-serif in both mediums print and digital.

When you are looking to grab attention of the reader then it’s not appropriate to use that font.

5 – Bradley Hand (and Other “Handwritten” Fonts)

These handwritten fonts are not at all ideal to use in logo designing process. They not convey your message in right direction. They gives the impression of your personality rater the telling the content of your company.

Bradley Hand is widely used in invitation and personal greetings.  It’s not a professional step to use any type of handwritten fonts for brands identity. Sometime it’s really annoying to see such fonts everywhere in party invitations.

6 – Papyrus


For me this font Papyrus must be considered as the king of all bad fonts. The reason why is that it’s childish, tasteless, irritating and slushy. It has been seen everywhere in print and digital mediums.

If you really want to be taken a serious designer so please it’s my advice not to use this ugly typeface.

Share your experiences regarding making a logo design with above mentioned fonts. What is the key factor you consider when you are choosing any typeface for your business or brand?