How To Have a Successful Construction Logo?

Posted on 09, Jul, 2018 |
How To Have a Successful Construction Logo?

Logos are an important part of laying the basis of any business, no matter what the sector. Before anything else, the viewer sees the logo which plays an important role in making a first impression of the company concerned. It acts a brand ambassador.

Construction companies, on the other hand, need to have a logo which is appealing, meaningful, and unique and also gives a positive vibe so the company can be considered trustworthy.

Since construction companies often have to work with a single customer for a prolonged time, they need to make sure their logo portrays reliability and trust.

Moreover, they also need to make sure that their logo stands out in the industry and is unique so it can survive the competition. Since the industry is related to manual work related to particular lines and shapes, their logos need to look professional and particular.


Where other industries have a choice to choose from various set of colors, the construction industry is limited to a handful set of colors. Colors play an important role in designing any logo because the brain associates certain colors with certain objects or feelings. For instance, colors such as red, white, black and brown are associated with buildings and bricks.

This can help the construction company in conveying its main purpose. Also, the less the colors, the more professional and reliable the logo will look.

A person would not want to take on a contract for his house from a company with funky colors such as yellow, pink and orange in its logo as it would make a childish impression on the customer. One bright color can also be used if used carefully, such as purple with white. Using two or three colors would be enough.

Font and Shapes

Having a simple legible font will help in giving the professional and stable look to the logo. Avoiding fancy fonts is a must for this industry. The target audience will not respond to a fancy looking font in the same way as it would if the font were used for a fashion brand.

This should be kept in mind. Using a bold version of the particular font can help bring resoluteness to the outlook of the font. Bold font can also show strength which is a main part of construction and again, will help in building up the trust amongst the customers for the company.

Shapes can also play an important role. Fonts with rounded edges gives off a positive soft message of love and friendship. Bold lines can show strength and squares also serve the same purpose along with giving a sense of balance.

Wording and Image

Wording for the logo matters a lot. For a construction logo, less words are preferred, simply the name of the company. This helps in keeping the logo simple and professional. It makes it easier for people to remember the name of the company without complicating it.

An image can help in enhancing the logo further. Simple images are used for such logos, such as a house, a building, hammers etc to keep the logo simple and also to keep it close to the industry it belongs to.

However, sometimes something different can also be used for an image but make sure not to go too astray. Also, make sure the logo looks as good in black and white as it does in all its colors. For an example, we can look at Emaar Builders logo. They use a simple, bold font with a simple image with straight bold lines.

The basic rules for logo design apply to this particular industry too but construction logos should hence be dealt with in a slightly different way than the logos for the industries, such as fashion, sports etc.