Top 10 Fonts Used In Logo Designing

Posted on 11, Jun, 2017 |
Top 10 Fonts Used In Logo Designing

Every year in logo design world hundreds of fonts or typefaces are introduced. Fonts play a vital role in making of your brand’s identity. Selection of perfect fonts is a crucial decision for a logo designer. As typography can make or break the entire look or design of your logo.

In this post I have tried to compile the best fonts which can be used in logo designing process. You can save it for future to refer back whenever it is required. I will be talking about from history to present the most popular fonts to use in logo design.

1 – Garamond

This is the old style serif but highly used in logo design. The appearance of this typeface is an elegant. Here let me tell you the interesting fact about this Garamond style.  This was the first ever typeface style which became famous in era of 1900. After that many variations followed that. We can find the example of this typeface in present era also; Apple and American Eagle companies followed by Garamond font. The letters in this font are clear and simple. They give a sophisticated but expressive impression.

2 – Frutiger

The Frutiger typeface (Adrian Frutiger, 1975) is simple, decent, professional but on same side playful and fun. Sans serif fonts are always good for reading and leave clear message in customers mind. This is one of the best fonts which have a good live in digital space. Here is the example of Frutiger font:

3 – Bodoni

This font is mainly used in fashion industries logo. It is the mixture of thin and thick type characters. Calvin Klein is the good example of Bodoni typeface style. Consider this font style when you are designing a logo for a fashion industry.

4 – Didot

It is the contrast of thick and thin lines. This typeface is mostly seen in luxury brands. Giorgio Armani is the best example of it. You can see in logo of Giorgio Armani that thick and thins are conjoined. It has a classic look and aesthetic tradition.

5 – Helvetica

Helvetica (Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman, 1957) has a professional appeal. It is one of the most famous fonts in logo designing business. This san serif is simple but has a class in it. This is most widely used font by the logo designers. It gives maximum utility and quirk touches. Toyota, BMW, Nestle, American Apparel, Lufthansa and it’s a long list of brands.

6 – Avenir

This is another successful experiment of Adrian Frutiger. In 1988 he looked to both past and the future inspirations. He was targeted to make some different unique typeface which consists of geometric sans. The best thing of this typeface is that it can be enlarged in digital media. It is flexible and ideal for logo designers where they are required to give variety in logos. They have the ability to accommodate colors easily.

7 – Neo Sans

This is among the latest fonts of this era (after 2000). Sebastion Lester comes up with the typeface curved corners. Being a logo designer you can use this when you want to send a friendly message across the medium and looking to use organized but clear font at a same time. It is the perfect font to use then. Intel is the present example of this typeface.

8 – Proxima Nova

Mark Simonson believes that there was a need to cover the gaps which are between the fonts like Futura and Akzidenz-Grotesk. So he came up with is font. Worked on some geometrical terms and proportions and gave Proxima Nova typeface to the designers. This is the balanced font which bridges the gaps.

You can use this font when working for some online company or design for social media. Twitter music is the example of it.

9 – Tondo

Another addition to the typeface and it is by the designer Veronika Burian (also one of the collaborators on the font Foco). This typeface has a bubbly character. Veronica gave a new trend to font by making them appear cute and fresh.

10 – Revista

This is the latest style of font came into being in 2015. Latinotype/Paula Nazal Selaive, Marcelo Quiroz, Daniel Hernández are the foundry of this font. If you are a new designer and wants to have some innovative fonts .your list can not be completed without Revista typeface. The style of this font is stencil serif. It has a blend of broken letters with the elegance of classic serif face.

Just to conclude the post, I am sure you have grasped a good knowledge about the various styles of fonts from history to till date. This article will help you in picking up right typeface for your work. Keeping an eye on history and other aspects of logo designing then you will get perfect typography for your project.