Top 11 Online Logo Maker Websites of 2017

Posted on 19, Jun, 2017 |
Top 11 Online Logo Maker Websites of 2017

Human eye catches colors easily and it leaves an impression in human mind for a longer period of time. Rather then what they hear or talk. Visuals play an important role in memorizing any element in human being.

According to this scientific research logo plays a crucial and vital role in making your business. No matter you are starting a new business or have a launch of certain product. The logo is the key factor in all respect. Logo design should be creative and attractive to leave a long lasting impression on your customers.

The process of logo designing now a day done by keeping the fact that human has the tendency to easily remember colors rather than long plain text.

In this post I am sharing a good list of Free Logo Makers sites which can help you to start your business. Some are free and some charge minimum depends upon the logo design quality you are looking for. I am sure it will be beneficial post for all those who are the beginners. So bookmark this article for later reference.

Here is the list:

  1. Online Logo Maker
  2. Logo Genie
  3. Logaster
  4. Logo Garden
  5. Designimo
  6. The Free Logo Makers
  7. Logo Design Image
  8. Logo Maker by Ucraft
  9. LogoType Maker – Free Logo Maker websites
  10. Logo Snap
  11. Logo Generator by Spaces

1 – Online Logo Maker

This is one of the best sites to use for making a free logo. The good part of this site is you don’t require to make an account or to register with them. Just open it and start making your logos. Get the result in minutes.

2 – Logo Genie

This is one of the most famous website for providing free logos. It is friendly user site and you can get readymade logos which are already made by their professional team.

3 –  Logaster

If you don’t have any designing experience then nothing to worry about it.  This website provides online logos in a very quick time and in easy steps. They have different features like changing of brand names, slogans and colors. You can make your own company logo design by just filling the information in boxes. Website will automatically generate the best logo design for your business.

4 – Logo Garden

Logo garden uses DIY editor and you can make a professional logo in no time now. It provides a unique user experience along with effects such as shadow, reflect distress, and shine others.

5 – Designimo

Designimo provides a good range of logo design. The best thing about this site is that you can start designing the work without wasting any time on download or installation. They have quality team of professional logo designers. Designimo  logo maker generates high resolution files.

6 – The Free Logo Makers

This is another better option in making a free logo design for your company. It provides high resolution customized logo design option.

7 – Logo Design Image

This site provides best logo design variety to the user. Once you have entered the name of your brand, it will show the best logo design which suits your business.

8 – Logo Maker by Ucraft

This is also same like other online free logo making websites which provides the logo according to your need. You can create logos with words and icons.

9 – LogoType Maker – Free Logo Maker websites

With using LogoType Maker, you will get your logo in less than a minute time. Just have to enter your brand name and then click generate button and it will make logo for your brand. You can edit the color, shades, sizes, fonts and add clip art to your logo too.

10 – Logo Snap

The reason why included logo snap in the list is that it is among one of those website which provides free logo maker in three easy steps. Many designers are not aware about this. If you are using their platform then no need to do registration. Just simple add your text, brand name and choose the category and template.

11 – Logo Generator by Spaces

Another amazing and feasible option for making online logo designs. It has the option of editing your logo on your device. You can customize your logo by using this logo maker.

Hopefully this article on online logo maker is helpful for you. Comment below to share some of your information.

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